6 Apps You Should try, if You don’t have a kindle


6 Apps you should try if you don’t have a kindle

We all know that Amazon’s Kindle is the most preferable way to read e-books but wait is it free of bucks? No, it’s not, But what if someone doesn’t want to spend some Rs. 10,000 to read digitally in their gadgets? Or what if someone just doesn’t want to buy another gadget? For such people, we have listed 6 Apps You Should try, if You don’t have a kindle without spending any Buck’s.


Kobo allows users to buy and read e-books from a digital bookstore.

If we Compare Kobo app with technical specs to the other e-readers, you won’t find anything that really works better than Kobo. The Kobo specs are middle of the pack type of stats. Yes, you have several options to choose from regarding how your actual Kobo looks, but as far as what it can do, it gives nothing remarkably different.

The app, most interestingly, gamifies the process of reading by offering badges for completing books, reading at a long stretch, and maintaining a schedule where you read at the same time every day.

Kobo is available on Android, iOS, and even has a desktop version.

Cool Reader

The next choice could be Cool Reader. It is a free Android app which is pretty basic in its user interface.

For a comfortable reading experience, Cool Reader brightness adjustment, background texture, paper book-like page turning animation and customizable tap and key action and many more.

This e-book reader supports a wide variety of book formats like fb2, doc, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, TCR, PDB, epub, PRC, and mobi.

It is set on the old-school pale yellow page background but users can always change it (50 options available) and customize it by font and size.

Google Play Books and iBooks

Google Play Books is the default Android e-book app with a lot of customization and all the baseline features of an e-reader app like dictionary look-up, bookmarks, and notes.

iBooks, the default iOS e-book app, is the most visually impressive digital reading experience with a great design, especially on the iPad. Users can also use the app to buy books from the iBooks store.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is a very popular free Android app. It supports several formats of e-books including Adobe DRM encrypted e-books.

You can connect your Aldiko account to Dropbox and read e-books through the app on multiple devices while still keeping all the books in one place.

It offers a fully customizable reading experience wherein you can adjust font size, type, background colors, brightness etc.

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader supports several e-book formats like TXT, HTML, epub, UMD, fb2, CHM, zip, and OPDS.

Moon+ Reader features 24 operations (swipe gestures, screen click, and hardware keys) and 14 events (bookmark, search, font size, themes, etc.) all customized to suit the user’s preferences.

It offers 11 pre-installed themes, over 50 fonts, and options to adjust the brightness and background.

Notably, it intelligently scans unformatted e-books to remove spaces from in between words.

The free Android version of the app features ads, while the premium version is ad-free.

How To Get These applications

Open Your Google play store and search for these apps and Boom! that’s yours